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Placed in charge of the Temple’s ritual matters, the levites’ (Levi’im) functions included support to the priests and all the vocal and instrumental music of the Temple worship.  “Selah” is a term found in Psalms that refers to the musical interpretation and magnification of worship text entrusted to the levites.  SELAH is a group of young musicians, mostly guitar players and singers, 6th through 12th grade.  This extraordinary opportunity gives each student the additional skills and confidence as a leader of prayer.  It also allows each participant an opportunity to use their developing talents as singers and instrumentalists.  Directed by Cantor Goldstein and Nationally acclaimed Composer and Song Leader Alan Goodis, this group performs regularly at Shabbat Evening Family Services, Weekday T’fillah in the Religious School, the Holy Days and special events throughout the school year.

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In addition to these formal opportunities to participate in the musical life of our community, we also welcome a talented members to offer their special gifts on an individual basis.  Throughout the year we are blessed to share these gifts when singers and instrumentalists join the clergy in creating a meaningful worship experience.

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